Advance Charolais

The Advance & K5X herd is run on properties in the Allora district, situated on the Darling Downs of Queensland.

Stephen Hayward & partner Kellie Smith have developed a breeding herd of around 80 Charolais, 80 black Angus and 25 red Angus registered breeders. The herd has been developed through many drought years and this has aided the selection of cattle with fertility, constitution and hardiness to perform in testing conditions.

The success of the Advance & K5X herd is a testament to the cattle selected as the foundation of the herd. We have selected “breeders” rather than the current genetic fads to base the herd around. While artificial breeding has been used, the herd has strongly relied on the power of the Advance & K5X herd sires.

Females for the Advance herd established in 1996, have been selected from many of the breeds leading producers and have been expected to perform under commercial conditions. The K5X Black & Red Angus herd started in 1993 in Western Australia based on females from the Teranga Stud that still has a major influence on the better cow lines to this day.

All bulls are breedplan recorded with most traits measured. We don’t weigh our calves at birth as Steve isn’t home for alot of the calving season and Kellie can’t get off her bike so the cows just have to calve on their own and very rarely get assistance. We don’t rely on Breedplan as a major tool in our selections, we tend to look for a type that suits our program when buying a sire which has served us well so far with Charolais that lay down fat without losing any weight for age and Angus that have bone and ‘real’ performance.

Not withstanding the outstanding show record amassed by the Advance & K5X herd, we consider the acceptance and demand from stud & commercial producers of our sires/cattle as the true measure of the herd’s success.